Cecile Abel, Co-Chair cecile@blue-research.com Brenda Sol, Co-Chair brendajsol@gmail.com The Encinitas Coastal Rotary’s Community Service Committee considers, funds and/or allocates time to projects who meet the following criteria: Local (San Diego county) Have a ‘real’ impact on local people’s lives (and/or) Has a positive impact on the local environment (animals/plants) A detailed description of the planned use of funds is required and a final report of the result of the use of funds. CRC (Community Service Center) personal items purchase: funding of $500 worth of personal items distributed through the CRC’s pantry.   Holiday Gifts for children of Marines: We donated 100 Walmart $10 gift cards used as stocking stuffers for Marine’s children distributed at a holiday gathering for Marine’s families at SeaWorld December 9th, 2017. CRC Holiday Baskets Building was held Tuesday, December 12, 2017, the team packed close to 300 boxes in about two hours!
Committee Members