International Service 

Chair: Chuck DuVivier

Our Club has always had a “balanced” approach to service.  While some clubs may choose to narrow their focus to support only local community service or international projects, our giving is unrestricted, engaging in projects across all areas of Rotary service.  We do prioritize our ability to make an impact and to leverage the connections of our members and relationships with other Rotary clubs.

The committee works within a target budget approved by the Board and ultimately allocates dollars to our international projects for the coming year.  Anyone can join a committee meeting and propose an international project.  All proposed projects must fall under Rotary International’s areas of focus:

  • Promoting peace.
  • Fighting disease.
  • Providing clean water.
  • Saving mothers and children.
  • Supporting education.
  • Growing local economies.
  • Protecting the environment.

  The committee evaluates and discusses all proposed projects and reevaluates those supported prior and gathers further information as needed –either by asking a representative from an organization to come speak or by assigning one of the members to do some due diligence.  The bias, as mentioned above, is to choose projects that make a sustainable impact, that our members care about, and can be leveraged through our human relationships and connections.  We are also focused on leveraging the matching grant opportunities that Rotary provides. Once the committee has the information they need, a vote is taken and the chair(s) present to the Board the projects recommended for support for final approval.