Are you ready to make a difference in your community and in communities around the world?
You’ll find Rotary members digging wells, installing water filters, building schools, immunizing children, and organizing food drives. Rotary has been building peace, empowering youth, and saving mothers and children for more than 100 years, and our impact on lives is unmistakable. 
When we commit to a cause, like eradicating polio, we don’t stop until it’s finished. Since 1979, we’ve raised millions of dollars, immunized billions of children, and put polio eradication on the agenda of governments around the world. Today, as a member of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, we are “this close”  to reaching our goal. Three countries remain polio endemic, but we won’t stop until the disease is gone. 
We tackle the tough challenges in our communities with the same spirit of determination. From giving young people the tools they need to resolve conflict peacefully to organizing health clinics for underserved women and children, Rotary members are helping to improve lives in our own neighborhoods.
The Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club is committed to the initiatives of Rotary International, and in addition sponsors several organizations and projects such as Hands of Peace, and Community Health and Clean Water for the "Forgotten People" of Sinaloa México.