Speaker Date Topic
Lance Cummings May 22, 2018
Epic Challenge

On the 74th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on June 6, Lance Cummings of Cardiff (formal Navy Seal) with up to three dozen athletes, will wade ashore on Omaha Beach, scale the once-fortified cliffs of Normandy and march with heavy ruck packs into the French countryside; re-creating the invasion route that changed the course of WWII. This presentation will provide an overview of how this came about, what it will entail and why he is doing it

Duane Trombly May 29, 2018
Opiod Crisis

Duane Trombly is a long time member of San Diego’s business community.  He started his career as a county program director for substance abuse services.  He was a catalyst in opening the first substance abuse treatment program in  Western Michigan. Transitioning into the high tech area he spent 30 years with leading edge companies that were ground breakers in the personal computer space.  But now he has come full circle, founding Confidential Recovery a substance abuse treatment facility for working adults who require a high level of confidentiality for their treatment. He will share with us the status of the current national opioid crisis and its impact in San Diego. He was on the board of Just In Time for Foster Youth.

Camilla: Youth Exchange Student Jun 05, 2018
Experiences in the US
Eugenia Welch Jun 12, 2018
Alzheimer’s San Diego

Alzheimer’s San Diego is a local and independent nonprofit organization with deep roots in the community. They help families dealing with dementia by providing a wide range of innovative programs and services – all of which are free! They also support San Diego’s world-class scientists working on finding a cure, through research grants and by connecting people with clinical trials.  There are nearly 65,000 San Diegans living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and more than 200,000 people who love and care for them. Alzheimer’s San Diego mission is to ensure no San Diegan has to face this disease alone.

Robin Gordon Jun 19, 2018
The art of storytelling and filmmaking and an upcoming documentary

Robin Gordon, writer and producer will discuss filmmaking, specifically documentaries. What makes a good film, the art of storytelling, how real stores can be more compelling than fiction, and her upcoming project covering ‘old versus young’ and an opportunity for club members to possibly be a part of this.

Padres Rep Jun 26, 2018

The latest on the San Diego Padres – an update on the team, players, ballpark and more!!!!  A representative from the San Diego Padres will provide the latest scoop on all things Padres!!!